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Questions to Ask About Motorcycle Insurance

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

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With summer around the corner, many Canadians are starting to think of motorcycles. Late winter is the perfect time to consider buying a new or used motorcycle, it gives you time to secure safe driver training for novices, and plan that amazing summer trip for the more experienced traveler. However, before you plan your training and trips, consider insurance, and if you live in or near St. Albert, then you need to speak to the professionals at Grandin Agencies.

At Grandin Agencies we work with insurance companies across the nation to provide you with the recreational vehicle insurance including motorcycles. Motorcycle insurance is as varied as the bikes themselves. You can customize your coverage just as you customized your chosen machine. Sometimes, getting the coverage you want is as simple as asking the right questions. Before you buy that motorcycle and hit the road, here are a few questions to consider first:

  • How much insurance do I need?

  • How is my motorcycle classified?

  • How can I get discounts on my motorcycle insurance?

  • Are there training courses available that can reduce my insurance costs?

  • What is replacement cost and how the cash value is calculated?

  • If my motorcycle is stored in my garage is it covered under my home insurance?

  • Is roadside assistance available?

There are a lot of factors that go into determining insurance value of a vehicle, especially motorcycles. Their actual value if damaged in an accident, stolen or vandalized will determine the amount of money you may receive as compensation, while its classification – cruiser, sport, touring, standard, dual-purpose, and dirt bike – also play a factor in cost, sport bikes can cost you more because they are more susceptible to crashes, especially for young drivers. However, some motorcycle training courses can help you get lower insurance premiums upon successful completion. The key to knowing the difference is asking first. Some types of insurance coverage are also mandatory and others are optional. Mandatory coverage may include:

  • Direct compensation-Property Damage - allows you to receive compensation directly from your insurance company, rather than the other driver’s insurance company.

  • Uninsured auto coverage - for any losses due to a collision with a driver who doesn’t have insurance or can’t be traced, such as a hit and run driver.

  • Accident benefits coverage - for disability benefits, supplementary medical benefits, and funeral and death benefits.

  • Third party liability insurance - protects you from financial penalties incurred when you or another person driving your bike are at fault in an accident that causes property damage, injury, or death to another person in the collision.

If you still feel confused or out of sorts as to the right insurance options for your motorcycle and your lifestyle, contact Grandin Agencies at 780-458-8110 or toll free at 1-800-661-6301 today to request a quote and discuss your options for motorcycle insurance in St. Albert.


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