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Cottage Insurance in St Albert, AB

Are you worried about what could happen to your cozy cottage in the winter? Protect your seasonal home with cottage insurance policies from Grandin Agencies in St Albert, AB. If not, your summer getaway home can turn into a financial nightmare. Because your recreational cottage is only used occasionally, coverages tend to be limited, but they should not have to be. Our team of professionals design customized policies depending on your requirements that can cover protection against fire, storm damage, smoke and water damage, theft and vandalism, building collapse, to name a few.

At Grandin Agencies, our brokers work year-round to maintain your seasonal homes and cabins at affordable rates. We tailor cottage insurance packages based on the cottage type, additional insurance products, past claims, and budget. If you have any questions about insurance coverage, call our brokers for a detailed discussion.

What Is Cottage Insurance?

Seasonal home insurance or cottage insurance refers to a policy covering a property other than your primary residence. Like standard homeowner policy, in Alberta, seasonal home insurance protects your cabin in the woods, by the lakes or summer cottages, especially when you are not there for extended periods. It helps you secure your investment property from losses and damage due to natural calamities and accidents. 

Our comprehensive protection coverage comes with policies including:

      Property and contents coverage: We equip you with financial cover to repair or replace the damaged property due to specific factors like fire, damage due to falling objects, vandalism, among other risks.

      Liabilities coverage: If a guest or any third party at your property is injured or suffers other damages and losses, your seasonal home insurance will cover legal fees and settlements (up to a specific amount).

These are just the standard coverages; we recommend that you speak to our licensed advisor for your specific needs and requirements.

Cottage Insurance vs Home Insurance

In Alberta, homeowners are quite knowledgeable about home insurance and condo insurance, but in the case of cottages, many people are not aware of the key differences. Let’s look at some of the significant differences between cottages and home insurance.

      Covers risks of remote locations: Cottage insurance provides tailored coverages that fit the particular use of the property and according to the risks associated with the location.

      Septic backup coverage: Most of the home insurance covers all the drainage and septic backup issues, but insurers may exclude this coverage in the case of cottage insurance.

      Rented and vacant properties: Insurers have to be made aware of any property being rented out to someone else or any property that is vacant for any period of time. Be sure to advise your broker so they can adjust your policy.

      Path of the property: Driveways and pathways are well maintained outside your home property, except in the case of cottages, you might encounter rough pathways that demand excessive premiums for coverage by insurers in the case of cottages.

    Excluded perils: A complete home insurance policy usually covers an extensive range of possible risks. While in a cottage insurance policy, insurers will have a long list of perils that are not covered, such as roof damage from excessive snow: do ask about it and be aware of what your policy excludes.

To know more about our coverages, feel free to contact our brokers.

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