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Comprehensive Home Insurance Plans in St. Albert

Buying a new house can be an overwhelming experience. A home insurance broker can help you navigate the insurance market efficiently. Grandin Agencies offers your home insurance services in St. Albert to help you get home insurance stress-free. We boast a wealth of experience, having served the St. Albert community for nearly 60 years. As you search for homeowner’s insurance in St. Albert, be sure to:

Compare coverage plans

Every insurance plan is different. Browsing customer reviews, coverages, deductibles, and premium options can help narrow the possibilities. Work closely with our insurance brokers; you will get an insider’s look at these factors.

​Protect personal property
Be sure you have adequate coverage limits to cover your personal belongings in the case of an accident, burglary, or fire. Furniture, clothing, and electronics are a few of the assets you’ll be glad you protected.

​Liability coverage 

When you own a home, you are responsible for keeping the area safe. If a person is injured on the property, you become liable for medical expenses and emotional damages. With liability coverage, you are covered in these extreme cases. Consider increasing your Liability Limit to either $2 or $5 Million.

These are a few of the factors you will want to consider. You may have additional needs depending on your situation. At Grandin Agencies, our brokers work daily to connect clients with various plans for homeowners insurance in St. Albert. We are also partnered with Intact Insurance to provide comprehensive coverage regarding home insurance in St. Albert. If you have questions, we will be happy to address them.

Types of Insurance

Residents can consider three types of insurance:


  Homeowner’s policy: This insurance covers all the risks associated with your property. You can claim insurance against damages during an earthquake, fire, or burglary.


 Renter’s insurance: This covers the content of your rented property but not the property itself. It is also known as tenant insurance. 


  Condo insurance: Condo insurance helps protect your condo’s contents against events like fire or theft. The condominium corporation’s Commercial condo insurance policy covers the building’s exterior, roof, building infrastructure, and common areas.


If you are a member of a professional organization or an alumnus of Canadian universities, we can help you get cheaper home insurance. Read our blogs or contact Grandin Agencies to know more about getting affordable home insurance in St. Albert.

Know Your Home Insurance

Grandin Agencies offers home insurance with maximum coverage. We understand your home is valuable and stand by you in unfortunate events. Our home insurance policies are designed to protect the structure of your home, any additional building structures like garages or sheds, and the contents of your house.

If you leave your house, we can help you bear the expenses of a temporary dwelling like a hotel. To know more about our home insurance policies, please contact Grandin Agencies

You might have several questions before buying home insurance in St. Albert. Please go through our FAQs to get immediate answers to your questions, or book an appointment with us.

Get the Process Started

If you are buying a new home and are ready to look at homeowners insurance in St. Albert, call Grandin Agencies. We’ll provide you with options that meet your budget and coverage needs. As you consult with one of our brokers, we’ll discuss premiums and deductibles and walk you through other important factors. The main factors that contribute to the cost of home insurance are:

  • Value of the home​
    The first crucial factor influencing home insurance premiums is the value of your property. Insurers must assess your home's replacement cost, including construction materials, labour, and current market rates. This ensures that you can rebuild or repair your home to its original state in the event of a loss. High-value homes generally have higher premiums, reflecting the increased cost of potential reconstruction.


  • Location of your home
    The location of your home plays a significant role in determining insurance premiums. For St. Albert homeowners, factors such as proximity to fire hydrants, crime rates in the area, and the likelihood of natural disasters like floods or earthquakes are considered. Homes in low-risk areas may enjoy lower premiums, while those in high-risk zones may face higher costs to cover potential risks related to their location.


  • Features of your home
    The specific features and characteristics of your home also impact insurance premiums. For instance, the property's age, the type of roof, and the materials used in construction are considered. Safety features like burglar alarms, smoke detectors, and fire extinguishers may also lead to premium discounts, as they reduce the overall risk of damage or loss.


  • The amount of coverage
    The level of coverage you choose for your home insurance policy directly influences the premium amount. Higher coverage limits, which provide more extensive protection for your property and belongings, generally result in higher premiums. It's essential to balance adequate coverage and affordability, ensuring you are prepared for unexpected events without overpaying for coverage you may not need.


You can also submit a request form via our contact page. Either way, our team is ready and available to address your needs.

 Protect Your Assets

Insurance is one of the most important investments you can make. Get the right plan for you.

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