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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1. How can I save money on my policy?
    The best way to save money on your policies is to bundle or package your Automobile and Property Insurance together. Most carriers apply Package Discounts when you carry both lines of Insurance with them.
  • Q2. How important is a replacement vehicle?
    This insurance covers you in case of an accident when your vehicle is out of commission. It also covers you when you rent a vehicle while on holidays, as well as emergency service expenses such as towing and boosting.
  • Q3. What should I do before leaving for a weekend getaway or extended holiday?
    Please take the necessary precautions to ensure a happy return. Have someone you trust come by and open or close curtains, pick up junk mail, and maybe turn on and off a light or two. Discontinue delivery of the newspaper and mail. Put up a “NO flyers” sign on your mailbox.
  • Q4. Who is covered under my policy, to drive my vehicle?
    Any licensed operator living in your household, is required to be listed on your policy to be able to drive your vehicle. Otherwise, you are able to give permission to another driver to operate your vehicle, as long as they carry a valid Driver’s License. Claims are paid and charged accordingly from the policy that insures the vehicle, no matter who was operating the vehicle at the time.
  • Q5. What’s the easiest way to pay my premium?
    Most Insurance companies have Credit Card payment options on their website. Make a bill payment from your Financial Institution or call our office and we can process credit card payments on your behalf. Drop into the office and pay via Debit or Cash.
  • Q6. What is the My Drive program?
    My Drive is a User Based Insurance APP that monitors your driving habits to produce a discount up to 25% at Renewal. There is an immediate 10% discount for enrolment into the program. Speak to your broker for more information.
  • Q7. Can I travel outside of Canada with my vehicle?
    Yes, you are able to travel with your vehicle as long as it is primarily garaged at your principal address and not out of the province for more than 6 months a year.
  • Q8. What is Comprehensive Coverage?
    Comprehensive is Fire, Theft & Vandalism coverage. This is an optional coverage under your policy.
  • Q9. At what age does your vehicle require a Vehicle Inspection?
    A Vehicle Inspection Report(VIR) is required when a vehicle is 12 years and older.
  • Q10. What is a Deductible?
    A Deductible is the amount you are required to pay, in the event of any loss.

Did You Know?

Your business is our business!

Make sure all your assets are covered! Ask us about our commercial insurance policies. If you handle commercial bonding, such as Fidelity Bonds or Contractor Bonding, please contact us.

Insurance Coverage on Your Recreational Vehicles Gives You Peace of Mind!

Be sure to update your recreational policy to include such items as snowmobiles. Ask us about our competitive rates. You may be pleasantly surprised at how much money we can save you. Have fun and be safe this winter!


We have many discounts available, including:


Occupational discounts

Discounts for home and auto insurance

Age discounts

New Home discounts

Alarm discounts

Renewal discounts

Mortgage Free discounts

My Drive discounts


Getting Older Definitely Has Its Advantages!

Not only are you wiser (you hope!), but you also get better insurance rates for your home and vehicle. If you are 35 or older, you could enjoy substantial savings on those insurance policies. Contact us for more information.

Insurance Plans to Meet Your Needs

Looking for insurance plans for a specific requirement? We can help.

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