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The Trusted Brokers for Commercial Insurance in St. Albert

You initiate a significant investment when you purchase or start a new business. As you spend your precious time and money to run and maintain your company, don’t let all your hard work go to waste. Protect your business with safe and reliable commercial insurance coverage plans from Grandin Agencies in St. Albert. This is financial coverage to protect your business's financial assets, physical locations, products, and properties, as well as against losses due to business operations. Our insurance brokers will carefully assess and design a plan that will adequately cover your business and discuss all the options that are available to you. We will be happy to customize a plan that is perfect for your insurance needs.

We provide you with commercial and business insurance that includes:

Professional Liability 

If an accident occurs on your commercial property, liability coverage protects you. This insurance type also covers you when product defects or service accidents occur on or off company property.

Building Insurance

When you own any property, it’s important to protect it with basic insurance. Through basic building insurance, you retain a return on your investment in case of an accident, natural event or vandalism.

Business Owners' Policy

A Business Owner’s cover combines both business property and business liability. BOP Insurance helps cover disaster claims resulting from fire, theft or other natural calamities that could also arise from business operations, including physical injury and damage to the property.

Commercial AutomobileUnderstanding that every business has unique insurance needs, we encourage you to engage with our experienced insurance brokers. They are dedicated to customizing a plan that aligns precisely with your company's requirements. Rest assured, we present diverse options and meticulously guide you through them, empowering you to make the most informed decisions for your business's protection. Trust Grandin Agencies to fortify your business with comprehensive and tailored insurance solutions.


We know that not every business requires all types of commercial and business insurance we offer in St. Albert. We would encourage you to call and consult our experienced and helpful insurance brokers to customize a plan that suits your company’s needs. You can count on us to present the different options available to you and carefully explain them to you so that you can make the best and most informed decision.

Why Does A Business Need Commercial Insurance

Every business, big or small, can stand to benefit from commercial insurance coverage. We would urge you to consider business insurance for your commercial enterprise for the following reasons:

It is usually required by law

Saves you time, money and stress

Protect your business from damages

Provide benefits to your employees

Please read our blog for more helpful information on insurance coverage or contact us to speak with our brokers. We will be happy to help you with your insurance queries!

Benefits of Securing Commercial Insurance For Your Business

Are you unsure about securing commercial or business insurance for your firm in St. Albert? Here are a few benefits it offers that can help you make the decision:

Protects your business against property damage

Protects your employees from personal, financial and bodily injury

Protects your customers’ interests

Protects against natural disasters, lawsuits and other unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances

It helps to build credibility

It helps to recruit and retain employees

Some contracts may require it

Provides peace of mind

Let us help you focus on running and ​​operating a productive, profitable and rewarding business for many years with our customizable, affordable and reliable business insurance plans. Call us to know how we can help keep you and your company’s future safe and secure!

Our Services

Besides commercial and business insurance, Grandin Agencies also offers insurance plans to cover your:

We also provide renters insurance. You can have a look at our privacy policy and call us to know more about our plans or to discuss your requirements with our team of brokers in St. Albert.


  • Q1. How can I save money on my policy?
    The best way to save money on your policies is to bundle or package your Automobile and Property Insurance together. Most carriers apply Package Discounts when you carry both lines of Insurance with them.
  • Q2. How important is a replacement vehicle?
    This insurance covers you in case of an accident when your vehicle is out of commission. It also covers you when you rent a vehicle while on holidays, as well as emergency service expenses such as towing and boosting.
  • Q3. What should I do before leaving for a weekend getaway or extended holiday?
    Please take the necessary precautions to ensure a happy return. Have someone you trust come by and open or close curtains, pick up junk mail, and maybe turn on and off a light or two. Discontinue delivery of the newspaper and mail. Put up a “NO flyers” sign on your mailbox.
  • Q4. Who is covered under my policy, to drive my vehicle?
    Any licensed operator living in your household, is required to be listed on your policy to be able to drive your vehicle. Otherwise, you are able to give permission to another driver to operate your vehicle, as long as they carry a valid Driver’s License. Claims are paid and charged accordingly from the policy that insures the vehicle, no matter who was operating the vehicle at the time.
  • Q5. What’s the easiest way to pay my premium?
    Most Insurance companies have Credit Card payment options on their website. Make a bill payment from your Financial Institution or call our office and we can process credit card payments on your behalf. Drop into the office and pay via Debit or Cash.
  • Q6. What is the My Drive program?
    My Drive is a User Based Insurance APP that monitors your driving habits to produce a discount up to 25% at Renewal. There is an immediate 10% discount for enrolment into the program. Speak to your broker for more information.
  • Q7. Can I travel outside of Canada with my vehicle?
    Yes, you are able to travel with your vehicle as long as it is primarily garaged at your principal address and not out of the province for more than 6 months a year.
  • Q8. What is Comprehensive Coverage?
    Comprehensive is Fire, Theft & Vandalism coverage. This is an optional coverage under your policy.
  • Q9. At what age does your vehicle require a Vehicle Inspection?
    A Vehicle Inspection Report(VIR) is required when a vehicle is 12 years and older.
  • Q10. What is a Deductible?
    A Deductible is the amount you are required to pay, in the event of any loss.


Look at what our clients have to say about our commercial insurance services:

Beats the Local Competition in Price & Service

Great place to come for a painless process of getting insured, beats the local competition in price & service.

Edit: it’s been a year and unfortunately, it looks like I can get cheaper insurance direct. Not a huge saving but a saving nonetheless

However, there is a value in having an experienced Broker on your side if you don’t know what to look for, have difficult circumstances, etc.

If I end up being someone else’s customer for this next policy, I would still continue to recommend people head to Grandin and speak to Heidi first.

- Joseph W.

Great Service

According to the service we got, we must be their best customer.

- Richard H.

Request a Quote

If you are ready to learn about your options for commercial insurance in St. Albert, please call today. Your insurance broker will listen to your needs and get started on your case.

Protect Your Assets

Insurance is one of the most important investments you can make. Get the right plan for you.

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