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Commercial and Business Insurance in St. Albert

You initiate a big investment when you purchase or start a new business. You spend a lot of time and money as you run and maintain your company. Don’t let your hard work go to waste—protect your enterprise with insurance coverage.

Consult Grandin Agencies for your commercial insurance needs. As you work with insurance brokers, you will discover which insurance plans cover your investment. Once you decide that coverage is necessary, your broker lends the support you require. Your broker will then discuss your coverage options. Insurance brokers provide you with commercial insurance in St. Albert that includes:

  • Professional Liability If an accident occurs on your commercial property, liability coverage protects you. This insurance type also covers you when product defects or service accidents occur on or off company property.

  • Building Insurance When you own any property, it’s important to protect it with basic insurance. Through basic building insurance, you retain a return on your investment in case of an accident, natural event or vandalism.

  • Business Owners' Policy

  • Commercial Automobile

  • Bonds

We know that not every business requires all three types of commercial insurance in St. Albert. Call and consult with an insurance broker to find the insurance that suits your company’s needs. From there, your broker presents the different options available to you, explains them and helps you make a decision.

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If you are ready to learn about your options for commercial insurance in St. Albert, please call today. Your insurance broker will listen to your needs and get started on your case.

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Insurance is one of the most important investments you can make. Get the right plan for you.

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