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Renters insurance is not expensive, but that’s not to say it isn’t valuable. Your landlord may require it or you may be on the lookout for renters insurance in St. Albert for any of the following reasons:

  • Protection from a lawsuit. Many renters don’t know that they are liable when accidents occur on their rental property. A slip or fall accident is one example of an event that you may become liable for.
  • Coverage of necessities in the case of a loss. If your space were to become unlivable (due to a fire or damaging event) you would need to find a temporary living location. Some rental insurance policies help cover your expenses through this time period.
  • Basic insurance of your belongings. Most people purchase insurance for their homes and vehicles, but forget to insure their other belongings. Renters insurance is a small price to pay for protection of furniture and other indoor assets.

Most renters will never need to use their insurance. That said, burglary, fire and other emergencies can occur in anyone’s life. At Grandin Agencies, we connect our clients with a range of coverage options.

If you have a specific concern, consult with one of our brokers. Whether you need coverage of belongings, protection from lawsuits or help covering your additional living expenses, the brokers at Grandin Agencies can help you find the right renters insurance policies in St. Albert for your needs.

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Renters across the province turn to insurance brokers to protect from worst-case scenarios. If this is your first experience with renters insurance, call us with your questions. We will happily discuss your insurance needs and the local market.

Purchasing renters insurance in St. Albert doesn’t have to be a stressful occasion. Get in touch with Grandin Agencies at 780-458-8110 to start the process. You may also visit our contact page to submit a request form, if that is more convenient. Either way, we will respond quickly with your options.

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