• Motorcycle Insurance For St. Albert Residents

    Even if your ride has only got two wheels instead of four, you’re going to need insurance to protect you and your bike. With motorcycle insurance in St. Albert from Grandin Agencies, motorcycle enthusiasts can enjoy the thrill of the ride with greater peace of mind, knowing that they not only have good insurance, but the help of a team of experienced, professional insurance brokers should a claim or an accident occur.

    How to Lower Your Rates for Motorcycle Insurance

    Insurers look at a number of factors in determining the rates you’ll pay for your motorcycle insurance. These factors may include:

    • Size of the motorcycle’s engine: a larger engine usually means a higher premium.
    • The make and model of the motorcycle: like a car, the more valuable the motorcycle, the higher the premium.
    • Storage of the bike when it’s not in use: is it parked on the street, on the driveway or in a garage? Your choice impacts the premium of your insurance.
    • How often you drive every week: someone using a motorcycle for weekend leisure drives won’t pay as much for insurance as someone who rides their motorcycle to and from work.
    • Your driving record: if you’ve had a lot of accidents, or you’re new to riding a motorcycle, this may result in a higher premium.
    • Locality: living in downtown Edmonton has different driving challenges than living in St. Albert, or elsewhere further away. Insurance premiums are adjusted to reflect those challenges.

    Our team at Grandin Agencies can help you find the plans that present you with the best value: keeping you insured at a price that you can afford. We can also advise you on other possible discounts, such as bundling your motorcycle coverage with other vehicle or home insurance.

    As with car insurance, there are different types of insurance that you can get for a motorcycle in Alberta, each covering different kinds of damage. It’s always best to choose insurance that includes third-party liability, accident benefits and uninsured vehicles, to protect you from the most common types of damages seen in an accident. Depending on the coverage, certain incidents will be included in the policy, like:

    • Accidents involving your motorcycle
    • Vandalism or theft of your motorcycle
    • Damage from falls, such as trees
    • Other types of weather-related damage

    To learn more about the different policies available for motorcycle riders in Alberta, give Grandin Agencies a call, and we will happily walk you through the steps of insuring your motorcycle.

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